Personal fonds

The personal fonds of names from the acting, directing, screenwriting, cinematography or journalism professions.


About the Fond

The Národní filmový archiv has seventy personal collections in the basic records of the National Archives. Personal fonds of people from the acting, directing, screenwriting, cinematography or journalistic professions. The first ones were acquired in the 1970s, and after 1989 a more systematic and intensive acquisition activity began. At present, we look after the personal fonds of Zbyněk Brynych, Zdeněk Sirového, Jindřich Brichta, Karel Smrže, Ludmila Wegenerová-Salmonová and Ivan Passer, among others. We are open to further acquisitions, especially in the form of donations.


Finding aids

For a better orientation in personal fonds you can study the of overview of processed fonds and the relevant finding aids.

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The collection is available for research and study to anyone with an interest in cinema. Simply provide proof of your research purpose and order archival materials to the study room in the center of Prague. We will be happy to advise you on the procedure or selection of archival materials.

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