We care for film, film-related documents and audio materials from the beginning of cinema to the present.

Czech film in one place

The foundation of the collection dates back to the time before the official establishment of the Národní filmový archiv, Prague in 1943, when some cinema owners kept films themselves. They did not want to dispose of them, even though the audience was no longer as interested in them. Over time, archival care has become professionalised and the collection of everything related to domestic cinema has continued to grow systematically. Today, we make sure that the collection lives on and is accessible to future generations.

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How do we take care of the collection?

We take care of the collection every day. We check the condition of archival materials, clean, copy and restore film and film-related documents. Everything is safely stored in our depositories.


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And can we see it?

We care for the collection, but we also make it meaningfully accessible. We are bringing films back to cinemas and putting new ones online. We participate in exhibitions, support research projects, and produce publications.

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