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Photos, posters, advertising materials and dialogue lists. These are also part of the collection of the Národní filmový archiv.

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The collection contains more than 30,000 posters of various sizes for Czech films - but also for foreign films released in domestic distribution. The oldest posters are more than a hundred years old. You will find among them works by important Czech artists, examples created by various printing techniques (lithography, offset, etc.) and unique posters of atypical dimensions (e.g. 2x3m).



The archive contains more than half a million photographs - black-and-white and colour photographs from Czech feature and non-feature films, also from foreign films, working shots from filming, portraits of Czech filmmakers, photographs of foreign film personalities and photos from various events in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic.

- Photographs from Czech feature and non-feature films
- civilian portraits of Czech film personalities
- photographs from film events in the Czech Republic
- photographs from foreign films
- portraits of foreign film personalities


Advertising materials

Descriptions, leaflets, program texts and other materials for Czech feature films as well as for foreign films released in domestic distribution, 134,000 items in total. These are mainly a variety of image collages (photographs of key scenes) and accompanying texts intended to promote the films, with the exception of sheet music of film hits.

The collection is not accessible from 1st November to 31st December 2024 due to digitization.


Subtitle and dialogue lists

The collection contains film-related documents containing subtitles and translations of dialogues of Czech feature films shown abroad. These materials are a significant aid to the dissemination of Czech films abroad. Among the languages most frequently represented in the collection are English, French and Spanish, but there are also Russian, Italian, Portuguese and Polish.


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How to research in fonds?

The collection does not have a codified type of finding aids, so it is considered unprocessed. Please contact us to search and order archival materials for the study room to arrange access to specific files.

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Kristýna Doležalová

Head of the Department of Film-related documents

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Kristýna Doležalová

Department of Film-related documents
Head of the Department of Film-related documents