Are you planning a publication, a new work or an exhibition? We grant consent to use selected materials from our collection.

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What is consent to use?

Consent to use is granted by law for public screenings and for the use of the works in other contexts or in new audiovisual works, also in publications or exhibitions. Copyright is administered by DILIA details can be arranged with our sales department.

contents of the collection

What to choose from?

Feature films, documentaries, home movies, news films, film-related documents, photographs and posters. See what our collection contains.


Arrange a screening!

You can also screen films in a cinema, café or public event. Just choose from the catalogue of films in distribution, order the title and you are ready to screen!

Film distribution

consent to use

I want to use archive material

How do I choose the right material?

Looking for shots of a specific place, event or personality? Are you interested in photos from a shoot or portraits? Would you like to use footage from contemporary news weeklies?


How do I get consent to use?

We need to hear from you:

  1. Specific details about the material (name, timecode)
  2. Length of time of use (per day, per year or per decade?)
  3. Territory (Czech Republic, Europe, the whole world?)
  4. Method of use (in a printed publication, online or on TV?)

Write to us!

Send us an email with the details above. We will get back to you and arrange everything.

Juraj Machálek

Sales Department
Head of Sales Department


How much will I pay for the use?

Price list

Granting rights and consents to the use of AVDs and sound recordings from the NFA collections in the Czech Republic CZK / min
Television rights (max. 5 years) 6000
VoD, IPTV or other internet distribution (max. 5 years) 6000
TV rights and subsequent publication on the Internet (max. 5 years) 9000
DVD/BD rights (max. 5 years) 6000
Cinemas (max. 5 years) 6000
For exhibition purposes - loop projection (max. 6 months) 2000
For the production of advertising and commercial films distributed in the Czech Republic contractually
Granting rights and consents for the use of AVDs from the NFA collections abroad contractually
For the purposes of creating new AVDs distributed in the Czech Republic. In some cases we cannot provide copyright for these purposes, which must be resolved with the Dilia agency representing the authors/copyright holders.

See also the complete price list of the National Film Archive services.