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Other websites of the Národní filmový archive, Prague.


Books, Illuminace magazine, films on DVD and Blu-ray, T-shirts, caps, poster reprints. You can get all this in the Národní filmový archiv shop.

Filmový přehled

Filmový přehled is an internet portal of the Národní filmový archiv about Czech film. Contexts, interviews and database of Czech films.


The journal lluminace is the only domestic peer-reviewed journal for the scientific reflection on cinema, which is viewed from theoretical, historical and aesthetic perspectives. It emphasizes original research and interdisciplinary approaches and in recent years has become more oriented towards an international audience of authors and readers.


We also care for moving image art. The Videoarchiv is the collection of Národní filmový archiv for experimental film, video art, and related fields.

Digital Library

The digital library of the Národní filmový archiv contains titles focusing on film and cinematography published in the Czech Republic between 1903 and 2016.

Online library catalogue

The Library of Národní filmový archiv creates and makes available an original online catalogue containing partial and interconnected databases.

Laterna magika

The research project on the phenomenon of Laterna magika took place between 2016 and 2020. The research project Laterna magika. History and present, documentation, preservation and accessibility includes the collection of archival material, interviews with witnesses, work with film material and its preservation, description and digitization of selected parts.

Back in cinemas

We are bringing digitized and digitally restored films back to the cinemas.