ILUMINACE 30 Years: Interface Symposium

November 1st, 2019 /  13:00 – 19:00 / Ponrepo Cinema 

Today’s digital reality is increasingly permeated by diverse forms of mediation, from TV screens to computers to smartphones. To describe and analyze such a landscape, the notion of interface as an intermediary that conveys our perception and interaction with the world, and a technique through which elements of a particular medium are transformed into elements of another’s media, is pivotal. One of the central interfaces is the film: twenty years ago, Lev Manovich called it the basic cultural interface of the digital era. Although this radical claim has been questionable at the time, the impact of cinema experience on the daily perception of digital reality is still vehemently discussed. It will be essential for the symposium to cover the way in which cinematic vision is reflected in the various forms and techniques of mediation, and the way in which cinema itself is transformed through the revelation and multiplication of interfaces.