The institutional support for the long-term conceptual development of a research organization 2024–2028

Provider Ministry of Culture
Status Ongoing
Deadline 2028

The overall aim of the concept is to ensure that its activities supported by the DKRVO IP will optimise and expand its collection activities and deepen research into standardising processes, exploiting the information potential of collections and improving access to collection objects. At the same time, emphasis is placed on enhancing understanding of unique collections through their historical contextualisation and focus on neglected themes.

The NFA's primary mission is not only to manage audiovisual and non-audiovisual collections, but also to make them effectively accessible. Research in information science and collections management, which we divide into two sub-areas, will focus on developing information systems that enable advanced description and access to selected types of collection objects, finding newer solutions for effective collections management using information systems, and expanding existing public databases to reflect the dynamics of the NFA's expanding collections.
Head of the area: Ladislav Cubr

The area of historical research in the NFA collection is an essential prerequisite for understanding and contextualising the institution's collections. The research will build on the previous period in conceptually covering key areas essential for the development of knowledge of previously unprocessed aspects of domestic cinema. Specifically, we will focus on the areas of:

  • institutional history of Czech film (formerly the film industry), where we specialize specifically in issues of film institutions, international relations, and film censorship
  • screenwriting
  • the materiality of film, which we single out in particular and where we are interested in the issues of colour technology, stereoscopic film or incomplete film prints, taking into account videographic criticism as a method, etc. 

Head of the area: Lucie Česálková

The coordinator of the DKRVO IP is the Research Support Department.

Research project investigators

Head research project investigators

Ladislav Cubr

Research Support Department

Linda Šplíchalová

Research Support Department
Head of Research Support Department