Three from the Seaside

Jaromír Borek, 1979



Screenwriter Jiří Melíšek tackled the theme of the Pioneers (the “scouts”) in two of the scripts he directed at young audiences. In the comedy Ať žijí duchové! (Long Live Ghosts!, 1977), the story of young Pioneers trying to gain a new clubhouse turns into a kind of musical comedy. Tři od moře (Three from the Seaside, 1979) was made to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Pioneer organisation, but it is actually a summer adventure comedy which shows that a real Pioneer can handle any situation wherever they are. While returning from an international Jiří Dimitrov Pioneer camp in Kranev, Bulgaria, Olga, Petr and Dušan miss their train because they want to go for a last swim in the sea. So they set out for home on their own, and encounter many different adventures along the way... The film, directed by Jiří Borek, came about as a coproduction with Bulgaria. The starring roles are played by rookie actors Igor Chaun and Eva Jeníčková.
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About a film

film_production_year 1979
film_countries Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria
film_genres children
film_form feature
film_duration 68 min
film_director Jaromír Borek
film_cast Eva Jeníčková, Igor Chaun, Jiří Hybša, Dosju Dosev, Ivan Grigorov, Leopold Haverl
film_director_of_photography Jiří Stöhr
film_screenplay Jiří Melíšek, Jaromír Borek, Atanas Cenev
film_film_editor Ivana Kačírková
film_production_designer Ajsidora Zajdner
film_art_director Jiří Petráček
film_music_composed_by Angelo Michajlov
film_sound_designer Adolf Nacházel