False Pussycat

Vladimír Slavínský, 1937

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This 1937 film from director Vladimír Slavínský is the second film to be based on an eponymous play by Josef Skružný – the first was directed by Svatopluk Innemann in 1926. But whereas the former comedy film was silent, this 1930s effort is a talkie. Once again, the central character is a doctor who seeks to marry a common woman. The doctor also has an admirer, a love-struck woman posing as a commoner to gain his affections. Jára Kohout takes over Vlasta Burian’s former role as drifter Pleticha, who teaches our heroine Míla (played by Věra Ferbasová) an entirely different set of manners. Housekeeper Amálka, who helps the factory owner’s daughter to attain her goal, is played – as in the silent original – by Antonie Nedošinská. Oldřich Nový offers a refined performance as our cock-eyed hero, passing himself off as Mr. Higgins from Pygmalion, while teaching the “common girl” acceptable social mores. (In the 1938 German-language version, Die Falsche Katze, directed by Carl Boese, this part went to Rolf Wanka.)
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1937
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres comedy
Form feature
Duration 104 min
Director Vladimír Slavínský
Cast Věra Ferbasová, Karel Jičínský, Oldřich Nový, Antonie Nedošinská, František Krištof-Veselý, Jára Kohout
Director of photography Jan Roth
Screenplay Karel Melíšek, Vladimír Slavínský
Editor Jiří Slavíček, Antonín Zelenka
Production designer Štěpán Kopecký
Music Josef Stelibský
Sound designer Josef Zora