Curse of the Hajns’ House

Jiří Svoboda, 1988

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Jiří Svoboda brought his expressive directing to bear in this film adaptation of Jaroslav Havlíček’s novel Neviditelný (Invisible). The story, first published in 1937, takes place in the (fictional) east Bohemian town of Jesenice in the mid-1920s. The narrative’s protagonist is ambitious, rationalist engineer Peter Švajcar, who marries into the wealthy Hajn family for his own gain. Cyril, the insane brother of Petr’s father-in-law, causes symptoms of the family sickness to spread to Petr’s wife Soňa. Petr eventually loses everything he had so laboriously gained... The motion picture sees the director turn Havlíček’s grim indictment of small-town selfishness into a psychological horror and Petra Vančíková (Soňa) and Petr Čepek (Cyril) put in wonderful performances that intensify the tonality. Čepek’s acting is reminiscent of his main role in another Havlíček adaptation, Petrolejové lampy (Oil Lamps, 1971).
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1988
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres horror, psychological
Form feature
Duration 107 min
Director Jiří Svoboda
Cast Emil Horváth ml., Petronela Vančíková, Radoslav Brzobohatý, Petr Čepek, Valerie Kaplanová
Director of photography Vladimír Smutný
Screenplay Jiří Svoboda, Václav Šašek
Editor Josef Valušiak
Production designer Jozef Hrabušický
Artist Bedřich Budil
Music Jozef Revallo
Sound designer Jiří Moudrý