Programme Televised from Bublice

Jaroslav Papoušek, 1974

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Following his popular “Homolka family” trilogy, Jaroslav Papoušek pursued further success in his directing career with another escapist “village” feature. Papoušek, who had previously collaborated with world-famous director Miloš Forman (who participated in writing the screenplay for this film), made good use of an entertaining conceit – TV staff visiting an out-of-the-way village that has nothing interesting to offer the “world”. So what can the residents of Bublice do but hurry to create a successful hockey team and amateur theatre company within one week. For don’t they need more to present to the TV people than just their real, exemplary agricultural cooperative?… For this motion picture, Papoušek actually cast himself as “movie director Papoušek”. He arrives in Bublice to shoot his new feature film in the tongue-in-cheek finale. Petr Haničinec, Zdeněk Řehoř and Jan Libíček play jolly villagers.
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1974
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres comedy
Form feature
Duration 82 min
Director Jaroslav Papoušek
Cast Petr Haničinec, Bohuš Pastorek, Zdeněk Řehoř, Míla Myslíková, Jan Libíček
Director of photography Miroslav Ondříček
Screenplay Jaroslav Papoušek
Editor Jiřina Lukešová
Production designer Oldřich Okáč
Music Karel Mareš
Sound designer Jiří Hora