When the Leaving Examination Is Truancy



This episodic film from 1973 provided a creative canvas for three emerging directors. Each of its three stories gives an account of a young man’s approach to arranging his life. Básník (The Poet) describes the first professional steps taken by a young poet (an early role for Oldřich Kaiser). It was directed by Jaromír Hník, who did not pursue his directing career any further. Reprezentant (The National Team Member), directed by Jaromír Borek, is an account of a talented table tennis player who has to re-sit his maths exam (the lead role was actually played by real-life table tennis star Milan Orlowski). The protagonist of the Bíbr Grizzly (Bearded Weirdie Grizzly) story, directed by Jaromír Dvořáček, is a tramp who finds a new meaning to life among young pioneers. Pytagorejci (The Pythagoreans), an overly long slapstick comedy too different in genre from the other stories, was directed by Tomáš Svoboda, but it did not make the final cut and is considered lost.
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1973
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories short story film
Genres short-story
Form feature
Duration 69 min