We, the Lost Girls

Antonín Kachlík, 1972

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Sixteen-year-old non-professional actress Jaroslava Schallerová bewitched viewers in the surreal fantasy horror Valerie a týden divů (Valery’s Week of Wonders, 1970). Although she never described acting as anything other than a hobby, she continued turning up on the silver screen. My ztracený holky (We, the Lost Girls, 1972) is a comedy written and directed by Antonín Kachlík, who drew inspiration from a work of fiction by Karel Štorkán (who also partook in writing the film screenplay). For Schallerová, it was another film relating the story of a girl with the look of vulnerability. The main character this time is shy student Žofie. She makes friends with the self-confident Dominika when they meet during a holiday job picking hops. Together they attend the first year at a medical school as well as dancing lessons. Dominika, however, begins to complicate Žofie’s relationships with two boys – Čenda, an assistant of the dancing teacher, and Jožka, an ambulance driver... Dominica is played by Irena Švárová, who never again acted in a feature film. Jaroslav Drbohlav and Vladislav Šmíd appear as Žofie’s suitors.
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1972
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres narrative
Form feature
Duration 74 min
Director Antonín Kachlík
Cast Jaroslava Schallerová, Irena Švárová, Květoslava Houdlová, Josef Langmiler, Jaroslav Drbohlav, Josef A. Stehlík
Director of photography Ivan Šlapeta
Screenplay Karel Štorkán, Antonín Kachlík
Editor Jaromír Janáček
Production designer Milan Nejedlý
Music Karel Svoboda
Sound designer Jiří Pavlík