Third One

Jaroslav Balík, 1968

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This relationship drama presents the protagonist Jiří Mánek, an ageing architect who finds himself in conflict due to his desires for two women who are very different in personality and age. The first is a former girlfriend, the doctor Jarmila, while the second is Slovak student Eva. The temperamental, whimsical Eva offers Jiří an infusion of energy. But Jarmila represents the stability of a serious relationship. The “third one” who makes “her” way into our lead character’s chaotic life is the most faithful life companion of all – death. This love triangle, which gradually takes on symbolic value, came to the silver screen after screenwriter Jan Otčenášek took a Jaroslav Havlíček novel and made an adaptation that writer-director Jaroslav Balík was able to transform into a screenplay and film. The motion picture sees Václav Voska, Ida Rapaičová and Blanka Bohdanová in the lead roles.
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1968
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres psychological
Form feature
Duration 98 min
Director Jaroslav Balík
Cast Václav Voska, Ida Rapaičová, Blanka Bohdanová, Leopolda Dostalová, Čestmír Řanda, Míla Myslíková
Director of photography Josef Illík
Screenplay Jan Otčenášek, Jaroslav Balík
Editor Jiřina Lukešová
Production designer Oldřich Bosák
Music Karel Mareš
Sound designer Roman Hloch