Klapzuba's Eleven

Ladislav Brom, 1938

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Ladislav Brom made this sports comedy in 1938, working from a script written by Karel Steklý – soon to become a successful director himself – which was based on Eduard Bass’ humorous and eponymous book. Similarly to the book, the film’s main attraction is a team of 11 gifted footballers – all sons of garage owner Klapzuba. In addition to delving into the temptations of going professional (and jeopardising family harmony), this easy-viewing movie also features a romantic flare-up involving centre forward Pepík Klapzuba (Jan Šebor) and pretty Eva (Hana Vítová). The parents are played in what was an internationally successful motion picture by Theodor Pištěk and Antonie Nedošinská, while other parts are assigned to equally prominent contemporary stars of the silver screen. The footballers were mostly played by non-actors and professional athletes. In its day the film attracted attention not just for its sporting theme, but also for its patriotic feel.
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1938
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres comedy, sport
Form feature
Duration 91 min
Director Ladislav Brom
Cast Theodor Pištěk, Antonie Nedošinská, Fanda Mrázek, Jan Šebor, Jiří Vondrovič
Director of photography Jan Stallich
Screenplay Karel Steklý, Ladislav Brom
Editor Božena Vališová
Production designer Jan Zázvorka
Music Josef Dobeš, František Svojík
Sound designer Stanislav Vondraš