Prague Selection

Karel Smyczek, Michael Kocáb, 1990



This stylised docudrama is a fanciful tale presenting the rock band Pražský výběr (Prague Selection) in the spirit of the relaxed atmosphere that immediately followed the November 1989 Velvet Revolution. The film, combining reality, fiction and parodies of both, was directed by Karel Smyczek together with the popular band’s frontman Michael Kocáb. It hyperbolically recaps on the band’s fortunes and misfortunes since 1984. Kocáb not only delivers the part of himself, but also that of a narrator, the oaf Ropotámo, who was an integral part of the band’s stage performances. The band endures bans imposed by the communist regime, as well as an internal conflict between Kocáb and guitarist Michael Pavlíček. The film’s narrative culminates with a concert at the Prague Lucerna venue on the eve of the November revolution. The totalitarian regime has met its demise, but the united performances of the band have not… In addition to members of Pražský výběr, the film also features other showbiz celebrities, such as Lucie Bílá, Bára Basiková and Frank Zappa.
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About a film

film_production_year 1990
film_countries Czechoslovakia
film_genres music
film_form feature
film_duration 93 min
film_director Karel Smyczek, Michael Kocáb
film_cast Michael Kocáb, Michal Pavlíček, Vilém Čok, David Koller, Roman Skamene
film_director_of_photography Jan Malíř, Pavel Bárta, Kristian Hynek, Martin Šec, Jiří Pechar
film_screenplay Michal Pavlíček, Michael Kocáb, Karel Smyczek, Miloslav Zapletal
film_film_editor Zdenek Patočka
film_production_designer Boris Halmi
film_art_director Pavel Koutský
film_music_composed_by Michael Kocáb, Michal Pavlíček, Vilém Čok, Frank Zappa
film_sound_designer Václav Vondráček, Jitka Zvirocká