Gang For a Million

Rudolf Růžička, 1990



Though known mainly as a television director, Rudolf Růžička has two comedies aimed at young audiences to his credit – Správna trefa (Lucky Strike, 1987) and Parta za milión (Gang For a Million, 1990). This story about a schoolboy gang, implicated in a post office robbery, has sadly been forgotten. But there’s an earnest emphasis to this fictional tale that make it more than a mere children’s story. The 12-year-old boys decide to hold up a small-town post office using a fake pistol to steal a bundle of two hundred-crown notes. But the postmaster hands over a postal bag stuffed with nearly a million crowns. When the police begin to suspect the postal workers, the boys decide to return the loot. But much of what they’ve done cannot be undone... For this unassuming film, Růžička cast mainly first-time actors in the children’s roles. They readily lent an authentic feel to the story.
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About a film

film_production_year 1990
film_countries Czechoslovakia
film_genres children
film_form feature
film_duration 67 min
film_director Rudolf Růžička
film_cast Zbyněk Tihelka, Jiří Majstr, Roman Hlaváč, Milan Novák, Vít Holer, Lenka Roubíčková
film_director_of_photography Juraj Fándli
film_screenplay Jan Fleischer, Rudolf Růžička
film_film_editor Ivan Matouš
film_production_designer Petr Smola
film_music_composed_by Daniel Fikejz
film_sound_designer Radomír Koutek