Otakar Kosek, 1989

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Though Otakar Kosek mostly directed television films, he also enriched his filmography with a handful of feature-film outings. The children’s film Lukáš (1982) is perhaps Kosek’s best known film, for which he received an honorary mention from UNICEF, and a gold medal at the West Berlin International Children’s Film Festival. In addition to this, Kosek also made the family film Už se nebojím (I’m Not Afraid Any More, 1984), and children’s film Tobogan (Helter-Skelter, 1989). Its December 1989 premiere meant that Tobogan was mostly overlooked amidst the flurry of the Velvet Revolution. Juraj Fándli served as the cinematographer, having collaborated with Kosek on his previous feature-film outing Sedmé nebe (Great Summer, 1987). Tobogan is set around a housing estate where a group of boys spend their summer holidays. Mostly freed from parental oversight, the nosy youngsters come across a group of burglars robbing local apartments.
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1989
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres detective, children, crime
Form feature
Duration 73 min
Director Otakar Kosek
Cast Jiří Jaroš, Antonín Hejtmánek, Miroslav Křižan, David Pospíšil, Marcel Rech, Stanislav Šárský
Director of photography Juraj Fándli
Screenplay Josef Eismann, Otakar Kosek
Editor Jiří Krška
Production designer Jana Puškáčová
Music Vadim Petrov
Sound designer Radomír Koutek, Jitka Zvirocká