Great Summer

Otakar Kosek, 1987



Real-life problems such as an unwanted pregnancy and an ensuing abortion were largely taboo for films made during the 1970s and 80s era of “normalisation”. But this 1987 film from director Otakar Kosek is a rare exception, albeit one told with a hint of detached humour. The film tells the story of teenage girl Slávka, whose abortion leads to a delay in her A-Level exams. The family covers up the procedure by outwardly pretending their daughter had to have her appendix removed. Meanwhile, Slávka’s friend Magda cannot decide between two lovers, and also ends up getting pregnant... This story of two school friends with very different personalities, who are both forced to grow up very fast, sees Barbora Srncová (Magda) and Zuzana Vačková (Slávka) in the leading roles. Pavel Nový offers a subtle performance as Slávka’s straight-shooting father, while Magda’s amoral mother presents a major acting opportunity for Evelyna Steimarová.
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About a film

film_production_year 1987
film_countries Czechoslovakia
film_genres narrative
film_form feature
film_duration 95 min
film_director Otakar Kosek
film_cast Zuzana Vačková, Barbora Srncová, Pavel Nový, Emília Zimková, Ladislav Lakomý, Evelyna Steimarová
film_director_of_photography Juraj Fándli
film_screenplay Jan Kostrhun
film_film_editor Antonín Štrojsa
film_production_designer Zdeněk Rozkopal
film_art_director Zdeněk Novotný (3)
film_music_composed_by Vadim Petrov
film_sound_designer Radomír Koutek