Lost Princess

Antonín Kachlík, 1987

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The last feature film from director Antonín Kachlík, this upbeat fairytale is inspired by a story from Josef Lada. The motion picture, filmed on the 100th anniversary, of Lada’s birth, sees the not so well-known Lucie Tomková taking the lead role of Princess Jůlinka. The film tells the story of a poor kingdom, situated around the residential town of Královská Lhota. Rather than pursuing the courtly duties and marriage her father desires she devote herself to, the princess sets out into the world in search of adventure. During her travels, she befriends a ghost called Mulisák and a nix called Brčál (beloved figures in Lada’s stories which are found in his Bubáci a hastrmani – Spuks and Goblins – collection). Along with her new friends, the princess battles against the evil fire-eater Dejmor (Václav Mareš) and also saves a sympathetic young artist by the name of František Kuldan (non-actor Petr Mikula). Ultimately, instead of returning home, the modern princess opts to live among a motley band of circus performers.
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1987
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres fairytale
Form feature
Duration 90 min
Director Antonín Kachlík
Cast Lucie Tomková, Petr Mikula, Jindřich Bonaventura, Václav Babka, Oldřich Vlach, Taťána Fischerová
Director of photography Jiří Macák
Screenplay Jitka Pistoriusová, Josef Brukner
Editor Jan Chaloupek
Production designer Jan Oliva
Artist Ladislav Hřebačka
Music Miloš Vacek
Sound designer Jiří Kejř