Lost Orienteer

Julius Matula, 1985



Radek, a 14-year old outsider nicknamed Bidlo, is the main character of this comedy for young people directed by Július Matula on the occasion of the 1985 Spartakiad (one of the celebratory mass gymnastic events organised at the instigation of the communist regime). Very much a clumsy beanpole, and so not chosen to be one of the Spartakiad performers, Radek decides to try to impress a classmate he fancies by taking up orienteering. But while doing so, he meets a more sympathetic girl, thanks to whom he comes to understand the world. In this light picture, made upon state orders, the non-actor Filip Toušek impressed audiences by taking on his role with a congenial commitment. Matula later returned to the sports theme with his film Stupně poražených (The Loser’s Rostrum, 1988) which focuses on professional pentathlon.
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About a film

film_production_year 1985
film_countries Czechoslovakia
film_genres comedy
film_form feature
film_duration 78 min
film_director Julius Matula
film_cast Filip Toušek, Juraj Matula, Vladimíra Nejepsová, Olga Draxlerová, Alena Knotková, Filip Menzel
film_director_of_photography Juraj Šajmovič
film_screenplay Miroslav Sovják, Julius Matula
film_film_editor Jan Chaloupek
film_production_designer Ludvík Široký
film_music_composed_by Jaroslav Uhlíř
film_sound_designer Adolf Böhm