Man on the Phone

Julius Matula, 1985

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Martin Bezouška’s screenwriting debut was provided by this 1985 crime thriller directed by the experienced Július Matula and starring Jiří Bartoška in the leading role. In this genre-construed morality play, the popular actor plays the prototype of an ordinary man – welder Evžen Macík, who, in a moment of greed, gets mixed up with a dangerous criminal. Evžen decides to conceal from the police a suitcase containing half a million crowns stolen from a savings bank. When the robber starts to threaten him, however, he goes to the law. Even after the villain is rendered harmless, Evžen still lacks peace of mind. The threats don’t stop – and the question is, who is actually trying to convince Macík to tell the truth... Captain VB Richter, the adversary of the slightly guilty hero in this story of a betrayed robber, is played by František Němec.
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1985
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres crime, psychological
Form feature
Duration 83 min
Director Julius Matula
Cast Jiří Bartoška, Helga Matulová, Josef Velda, František Němec, Stanislava Bartošová, Jana Drbohlavová
Director of photography Ivan Šlapeta
Screenplay Martin Bezouška, Julius Matula
Editor Dalibor Lipský
Production designer Ludvík Široký
Music Dežo Ursiny
Sound designer Antonín Kravka