Miroslav Balajka, 1985



Miroslav Balajka’s directing debut came in 1985 with this film produced at Film Studios Gottwaldov. It came along as the next film in an extensive 1980s list of Czechoslovak films made for children and young people. In Pětka s hvězdičkou (The Five), Jan Hartl plays young teacher Petr Mikeš, who is starting his job at an elementary school in Čejkovice, south Moravia. There is a quintet of close friends among Mikeš’s seventh-graders, rascals who never cease to amaze the good-natured teachers with their antics. But the mischievous boys also succeed in clearing the teacher of an unjust accusation… The film amounts to a light entertainment that fulfils the era’s idealised image of the sunny south Moravian countryside where the locals have nothing more serious to deal with than the efforts of a bachelor teacher in search of a suitable bride. Other points of interest are the “politically correct” inclusion of Štefan, the Roma member of the fivesome, and the fact that the only real threat in the vicinity is the village drunkard.
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About a film

film_production_year 1985
film_countries Czechoslovakia
film_genres children, comedy
film_form feature
film_duration 74 min
film_director Miroslav Balajka
film_cast Jan Bílek (2), Miroslav Kučera (2), Ladislav Vávra, Matouš Rajmont, Richard Krpal, Kateřina Filípková
film_director_of_photography Jiří Kolín
film_screenplay Jiří Jilík, Miroslav Balajka
film_film_editor Ivan Matouš
film_production_designer Petr Smola
film_music_composed_by Ondřej Soukup
film_sound_designer Josef Javořík