All or Nothing

Štěpán Skalský, 1984



The fate of two brothers set apart by their different temperaments but linked by their relationships to one woman was the basis for director Štěpán Skalský’s 1984 contemporary psychological story. The sporting prima donna Viktor decides to leave his bicycling career behind for the love of a student named Lenka. Meanwhile, his older brother Max, a sculptor, must completely rearrange his life following a serious injury to his arm… A confrontation between brothers who have different values enabled the director to construct a classic drama in which both men must take stock of their lives. The leads went to Vladimír Kratina (Max) and Ondřej Pavelka (Viktor) while Zora Jandová appeared as Lenka. Veteran actor Jan Schmid plays a clerk; he was frequently cast in the 1980s, even if mostly in such minor roles.
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About a film

film_production_year 1984
film_countries Czechoslovakia
film_genres drama, psychological
film_form feature
film_duration 86 min
film_director Štěpán Skalský
film_cast Vladimír Kratina, Zora Jandová, Ondřej Pavelka, Hana Kofránková, Zdeněk Buchvaldek, Alois Švehlík
film_director_of_photography Jiří Macák
film_screenplay Vladimír Poštulka, Štěpán Skalský
film_film_editor Jiří Brožek
film_production_designer Karel Lier
film_music_composed_by Vítězslav Hádl
film_sound_designer Adolf Böhm