I’m Not Afraid Any More

Otakar Kosek, 1984

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This 1984 family film, made at Gottwaldov Film Studio (today Zlín), tells the story of a freshman teacher in his first job. Directed by Otakar Kosek – predominantly a television director – the film sees him once again joining forces with screenwriter Petr Křenek. He also wrote Kosek’s previous effort, the children’s film Lukáš (Luke, 1982). Young teacher Pavel Rajnoch (Michal Pešek) tries to help his new pupil, the combative Jožek, who is being bullied by his schoolmates. The boy is in the midst of trying to cope with the loss of his father, and finds a pillar of support in the new teacher. Set in a village in the eastern Moravian region of Valašsko (Moravian Wallachia), the film shows that despite his best efforts, Rajnoch can barely make a dent in the ways of this small rural school. A morally-infused story, Už se nebojím has (I’m Not Afraid Any More) talented young actor Jiří Korytář playing the role of Jožek, in his only screen role.
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1984
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres psychological
Form feature
Duration 73 min
Director Otakar Kosek
Cast Michal Pešek, Jiří Korytář, Lukáš Machalínek, Robert Viceník, Martin Spáčil, Jiří Samsonek
Director of photography Jiří Kolín
Screenplay Petr Křenek, Otakar Kosek
Editor Antonín Štrojsa
Production designer Petr Smola
Music Vadim Petrov
Sound designer Radomír Koutek, Jitka Zvirocká