Stanislav Strnad, 1984

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This 1984 psychological crime drama charts the relationship between a recently escaped prisoner and his young associate. Director Stanislav Strnad helmed this Czech-Polish coproduction, co-writing the script with Jan Novotný. Eighteen-year-old small-time thief Pavel chances upon habitual offender Volf, who has just escaped from prison. Volf forces Pavel to become a partner in crime, needing an accomplice to help cross the border into Poland, from where he hopes to continue on to Sweden. However, the vigilant police on both sides of the border are hot on the pair’s heels… For actor Ladislav Potměšil, the role of Volf represented a rare chance at a “serious” role. Pavel is played by the somewhat forgotten actor Tomáš Vacek. Popular actors Rudolf Jelínek and Jiří Kodet appear as two plainclothes detectives chasing the outlaws.
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1984
Countries Czechoslovakia, Poland
Categories film
Genres crime
Form feature
Duration 84 min
Director Stanislav Strnad
Cast Ladislav Potměšil, Tomáš Vacek, Rudolf Jelínek, Jiří Kodet, Miroslav Zounar, Jan Faltýnek
Director of photography Josef Pávek
Screenplay David Jan Novotný, Stanislav Strnad
Editor Miroslav Hájek
Production designer Karel Černý , Borzysława Chomnicka
Music Marek Biliński
Sound designer Jiří Kejř, Stanisław Rogoziński