Ivo Toman, 1983



The classic literary work of Scottish novelist Robert Louis Stevenson novel spurred screenwriters to script this adventure movie by transferring a storyline to the Bulgarian city of Varna, on the Black Sea. Vrak (Shipwreck), a coproduction with Bulgarian filmmakers, takes the audience back to the year of 1908. The main character is a young Czech man, František Roučka. While in the employment of his father’s schoolmate Schuman, he witnesses the ruthless scheming of a Greek ship owner. Roučka goes on to discover that the owner of the shipwrecked Apolonia has handed over Bulgarian patriots to the Turks. The Bulgarians have thus paid the ultimate price for their attempt to return to home soil… Director Ivo Toman cast David Vejražka in the role of the uncompromising Roučka. An interesting aspect of this 1983 film is the casting of Olga Schoberová. The role of Schuman’s wife Klára would be her last appearance on the silver screen.
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About a film

film_production_year 1983
film_countries Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria
film_genres adventure, historical
film_form feature
film_duration 84 min
film_director Ivo Toman
film_cast David Vejražka, Jan Piechociński, Olga Schoberová, Stojčo Mazgalov
film_director_of_photography Viktor Růžička
film_screenplay Atanas Cenev, Jan Fleischer, Ivo Toman
film_film_editor Petr Sitár
film_production_designer Bogoja Sapundžiev, Miloš Červinka
film_music_composed_by Ivan Kurz
film_sound_designer Alexandr Vrbata, Michail Vitanov