Dragon Down the Lane

Radim Cvrček, 1982

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Markéta Zinnerová’s relationship to Czechoslovak cinema stemmed from her inspirational literary works and screenwriting endeavours. This cheerful fairytale from 1982, directed by Radim Cvrček, is one feature film that hit the silver screen thanks to an adaptation of a Zinnerová story. It is the dragon Mrak who serves as the protagonist. He’s quite frankly not been getting enough to eat, and this has turned him into a jolly nice fellow. The charcoal burner’s daughter Lidka meets Mrak in a forest and befriends him. But the king, and father of Princess Viola, will not let claims of the dragon’s harmlessness reach his ears. Meanwhile, the princess is making her father unhappy by falling in love with the wandering lutenist Marian. And the noble Prince Jan is all eyes for Lidka… Jiří Císler plays the comic role of the fearful king in this harmless fairytale. Ivana Andrlová and Jana Beránková portray Lidka and Princess Viola, respectively. Josef Kemr lent his voice to the dragon, created, one might add, with a range of special effects tied to the technology level then available at Gottwaldov Studio (now Zlín).
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1982
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres fairytale
Form feature
Duration 88 min
Director Radim Cvrček
Cast Jiří Císler, Štefan Kvietik, Josef Kemr, Lubomír Kostelka, Ivana Andrlová
Director of photography Karel Kopecký
Screenplay Markéta Zinnerová
Editor Antonín Štrojsa
Production designer Zdeněk Rozkopal
Music Harry Macourek
Sound designer Radomír Koutek