I’ll Be Good, Old Man!

Petr Schulhoff, 1978

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A grandfather with magic powers drives the action of Já už budu hodný, dědečku! (I’ll Be Good, Old Man!, 1978), a modern fairytale by screenwriter and director Petr Schulhoff. Popular actor Ladislav Pešek plays the grandfather and the fairytale is little more than a device for meting out well-deserved retribution on Theodor Bergner, a pompous and intolerant actor from Prague. Although Bergner is successful and presents himself as a model of human courtesy, he insults everyone around him with gusto (especially women) and deliberately arouses altercations. After the magical grandfather intervenes, however, the wrongdoings that Bergner has committed in the past begin to haunt him – assisted by the reappearance of characters he has previously hurt. Humiliated and defeated the actor finally promises to behave himself... Besides Ladislav Pešek the other starring role in this comedy of morals was played by Miloš Kopecký. The parts of the offended women went to Dagmar Veškrnová, Nelly Gajerová and Alena Vránová.
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1978
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres comedy, satire
Form feature
Duration 86 min
Director Petr Schulhoff
Cast Miloš Kopecký, Alena Vránová, Ladislav Pešek, František Filipovský, Svatopluk Beneš
Director of photography Jiří Vojta
Screenplay Petr Schulhoff
Editor Jan Chaloupek
Production designer Jindřich Goetz
Music Milan Dvořák
Sound designer Roman Hloch