Alarm in the Clouds

Jindřich Polák, 1978



Od zítřka nečaruji (English title: I Won't Conjure After Today, 1978) and Poplach v oblacích (1979) are two feature films which were created by stitching together several episodes of the popular 1977 children’s television series Pan Tau (Mr Tau). Telling the story of a silent man with a magical bowler hat, this modern comedy story, written by Ota Hofman and directed by Jindřich Polák, links together the Pan Tau episodes Poplach v oblacích (Alarm in the Clouds, 1978, TV), Lov na slona (Elephant Hunt, 1977, TV) and Noc v safari (Night on Safari, 1978, TV). In the film, Mr Tau causes a stir at the airport after taking a walk along the wing of a plane. Security inspector Málek does everything he can to catch Mr Tau, who eventually ends up losing his hat. By coincidence, this ends up in the hands of zoo staffer Kalous, whose life, as a result, takes a major turn. Thanks to the help of some children, Mr Tau manages to put everything back the way it should be. The much respected actor Otto Šimánek appears as Mr Tau in this beloved family favourite. Málek is played by Vlastimil Brodský.
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About a film

film_production_year 1978
film_countries Czechoslovakia
film_genres comedy, fairytale
film_form feature
film_duration 77 min
film_director Jindřich Polák
film_cast Otto Šimánek, Vlastimil Brodský, Petr Nárožný, Alena Jirešová, Josef Dvořák, Robert Vrchota
film_director_of_photography Josef Vaniš
film_screenplay Ota Hofman, Jindřich Polák
film_film_editor Zdeněk Stehlík
film_production_designer Jiří Hlupý
film_music_composed_by Jiří Malásek, Jiří Bažant, Vlastimil Hála
film_sound_designer Milan R. Novotný