Bet on Thirteen

Dušan Klein, 1977

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This adaptation of Antonín Winter’s novel Sázka na třináctku is one of several crime features with which accomplished director Dušan Klein extended his filmography in the 1970s. Young criminal investigator Václav Charvát (portrayed by Jaroslav Satoranský) investigates a mail car robbery that has taken place near the town of Kostelec. The armed culprits have helped themselves to two million crowns before disappearing. Charvát´s superiors clearly had little option but to assign the clever young expert to do the fieldwork. Besides being involved in the police inquiries, Charvát unexpectedly grows close to Květa (Zuzana Cigánová), the married daughter of the lodging house caretaker. Thanks to the investigator’s efforts, the circle of suspects rapidly narrows – and Charvát is dutybound to expose the gang leader who has stashed away the stolen loot… Among the cast in the motion picture, released in 1977, is the skilful actor Rudolf Hrušínský. He shines in the role of Květa’s father Weiss.
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1977
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres drama, crime
Form feature
Duration 86 min
Director Dušan Klein
Cast Jaroslav Satoranský, Zuzana Cigánová, Rudolf Hrušínský, Dušan Blaškovič, Zdeněk Řehoř
Director of photography Andrej Barla
Screenplay Vladimír Körner, Dušan Klein, Karel Cop
Editor Jiří Brožek
Production designer Karel Lier
Music Zdeněk Marat
Sound designer František Černý