Shadow of a Flying Bird

Jaroslav Balík, 1977

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Over more than a decade, director Jaroslav Balík and author and screenwriter Jan Otčenášek collaborated on countless projects, including Reportáž psaná na oprátce (Report from the Gallows, 1961); Jak se krade milión (How I Stole a Million, 1967); Ta třetí (The Third One, 1968); Milenci v roce jedna (Lovers in the Year One, 1973); and V každém pokoji žena (A Woman in Every Room, 1974). In 1977, Balík and Otčenášek created this drama about two parents, whose only son Štěpán dies in a motorcycle accident. Štěpán’s girlfriend, waitress Jana, previously unknown to his parents, escaped from the accident with a broken leg. The relationship between the distressed parents and the girl, who at first comes across as rather superficial, is far from warm… The parents in this somewhat moralising film are played by Petr Haničinec and Věra Galatíková. Eva Píchová assumes the challenging role of Jana. A pre-fame 22-year-old Oldřich Kaiser makes a brief appearance at the beginning of the film in the role of the ill-fated Štěpán.
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1977
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres psychological
Form feature
Duration 89 min
Director Jaroslav Balík
Cast Petr Haničinec, Věra Galatíková, Eva Píchová, Ilja Prachař, Jorga Kotrbová, Bohumila Dolejšová
Director of photography Jiří Macháně
Screenplay Jan Otčenášek, Jaroslav Balík
Editor Eva Bobková
Production designer Zbyněk Hloch
Music Karel Mareš
Sound designer Roman Hloch