Ulysses and the Stars

Ludvík Ráža, 1976

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When alien explorers mistakenly take nightmares and cats to be the highest forms of life on earth, an inquisitive 12-year-old boy named Péťa tries to set things right. Odysseus a hvězdy (Ulysses and the Stars, 1976) was sci-fi director Ludvík Ráža’s first feature film, though he had long worked in television. Based on a script by renowned screenwriter Ota Hofman, the film is set in the year 2000, when Péťa learns from his father that 25 years earlier he had also encountered an alien civilisation… The film, intended mainly for younger audiences, is intriguing thanks to its child like fantasies and Zdeněk Liška’s atmospheric music. The role of Péťa is played by Gustav Bubník, then aged 14, who was already a popular actor, having appeared in 1975 in the family television series about the magical Mr Tau. The parents are played by Alois Švehlík and Jaroslava Obermaierová.
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1976
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres fantastic
Form feature
Duration 85 min
Director Ludvík Ráža
Cast Alois Švehlík, Jaroslava Obermaierová, Gustav Bubník, Gabriela Hyrmanová, Milena Dvorská
Director of photography Josef Pávek
Screenplay Ota Hofman
Editor Zdeněk Stehlík
Production designer Jindřich Goetz
Music Zdeněk Liška
Sound designer Emil Poledník