Affairs of My Wife

Vladimír Čech, 1972



Detective stories were a genre that provided a rare opportunity for avoiding the censor’s beady eye in the early days of the post-1968 “normalisation”. And the talents of screenwriter Zdenek Zaoral and highly experienced director Vladimír Čech ensured that Affairs of My Wife, made in 1972, has remained a timeless refreshment for the viewer. The heroine of the narrative comedy is amateur sleuth Adéla Neradová, a physician by profession, charmingly performed by Libuše Švormová. With the help of her photographer husband Petr, played by Jiří Vala, Adéla unravels several complicated cases of crime. The first takes place on a train to Paris, the second revolves around an alleged murder in the Prokopské Valley in Prague and the third deals with crime among a travelling funfair community. The film’s appeal is raised by the supporting cast which includes excellent performances by Vladimír Menšík and František Filipovský.
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About a film

film_production_year 1972
film_countries Czechoslovakia
film_genres comedy, crime, short-story
film_form feature
film_duration 87 min
film_director Vladimír Čech
film_cast Libuše Švormová, Jiří Vala, Josef Langmiler, Vladimír Menšík, Eduard Kohout, František Filipovský
film_director_of_photography Václav Huňka
film_screenplay Zdenek Zaoral, Vladimír Čech
film_film_editor Antonín Zelenka
film_production_designer Bohuslav Kulič, Miroslav Hrachovec
film_music_composed_by Štěpán Lucký
film_sound_designer Pavel Jelínek