Alexej Batalov, 1972

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F. M. Dostoyevsky’s eponymous psychological novel from 1867 provided Soviet actor and director Alexsey Batalov with subject matter for this 1972 film that received support from Czechoslovakia (Czech actors were engaged in several supporting roles, while shooting took place in Mariánské Lázně). Hráč (Gambler) is the dramatic story of Aleksei Ivanovich, a young aristocrat fatefully in love, who succumbs to his gambling passion in the fictitious spa town of Rulettenburg. As a precise adaptation of a classic work of Russian literature, the motion picture stylishly evokes the period in which Dostoyevsky framed his captivating study of obsession. The lead role was performed by Nikolay Burlyaev, who had debuted in the title role of wartime drama Ivanovo dětství (Ivan’s Childhood, 1962) directed by Andrei Tarkovsky. Appearing in Hráč, he met another actor regularly cast by Tarkovsky: Aleksandr Kaydanovskiy (Stalker, 1979) who took on the part of English merchant Mr Astley.
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1972
Countries Czechoslovakia, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Categories film
Genres drama
Form feature
Duration 96 min
Director Alexej Batalov
Cast Nikolaj Burljajev, Taťjana Ivanova, Ljubov Dobržanskaja, Vsevolod Kuzněcov, Vasilij Livanov, Jitka Zelenohorská
Director of photography Dmitrij Meschijev
Screenplay Michail Olševskij
Editor R. Izakson
Production designer Isaak Kaplan, Bohuslav Kulič
Music Oleg Karavajčuk
Sound designer Anna Zvereva