Death Chooses

Václav Vorlíček, 1972

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In 1972, director Václav Vorlíček created one of the most overlooked items from his filmography – this crime drama, based on a screenplay by translator Jaroslav Kořán. Following a series of fantastical comedies, including “Pane, vy jste vdova!” (You Are a Widow, Sir, 1970) and Dívka na Koštěti (The Girl on the Broomstick, 1971), in Smrt si vybírá (Death Chooses, 1972) Vorliček focuses on gradually revealing the secret life of a postal driver. Radek Šimek has been shot, and colleague Honza Marek tries to solve the case by himself. The trail leads all the way to the members of the band Flamingo, primarily to beautiful singer Klára. Václav Postránecký plays the role of the amateur detective in this simple tale. Jana Šulcová stars as Klára (her singing parts are dubbed by the real singer of the actual Flamingo band, Marie Rottrová).
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1972
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres detective, crime
Form feature
Duration 92 min
Director Václav Vorlíček
Cast Václav Postránecký, Jana Šulcová, Jan Libíček, Jaroslav Moučka, Jaroslav Drbohlav, Ladislav Mrkvička
Director of photography Rudolf Stahl ml.
Screenplay Jaroslav Kořán
Editor Miroslav Hájek
Production designer Oldřich Bosák, Jindřich Goetz
Music Karel Svoboda
Sound designer František Fabián