David Sandel’s Last Shot

Zdenek Sirový, 1971

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Three short stories based on Jack London's short stories were made at the Gottwaldov Film Studio by screenwriter Jiří Křižan and director Zdenek Sirový. Along with Canyon of Gold (1970) and Claim on the Deaf Brook (1971), they include David Sandel's The Last Shot. The story, which like the others was shown in cinemas either alone or together with the others, is the most acute of the whole series. Its heroes are gold prospectors Jackson and Sandel, who compete with a rival duo for a newly discovered, promising-looking deposit. The desire to strike it rich pits the men against each other, guns in hand. Though their dreams of a better life are simple and honest, greed will lead to tragedy... Bronislav Križan and Otto Lackovič played the main roles in this low-budget, simple story about the power of gold.
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1971
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres adventure
Form feature
Duration 35 min
Director Zdenek Sirový
Cast Bronislav Križan, Otto Lackovič, Zdeněk Kryzánek, Augustín Kubáň
Director of photography Jiří Macháně
Screenplay Jiří Křižan, Zdenek Sirový
Editor Antonín Štrojsa
Production designer Ladislav Vlk
Music Luboš Fišer
Sound designer Radomír Koutek, Bohumír Brunclík