On Žižka’s War Wagon

Milan Vošmik, 1968



This rare combination of a historical – Hussite – theme with a children's story is the work of Josef František Novotný, who wrote a screenplay based on his eponymous novel for director Milan Vošmik. In what would prove to be the last film from this director, who died at the age of 39, yeoman’s son Ondra and an orphan named Sulík set out for Kouřim. The small town in central Bohemia has been attacked by armies allied to the Pope, but the boys eventually make it into commander Žižka’s camp and even help the one-eyed Hussite leader avoid an ambush... Along with child actor Josef Filip (Ondra), who soon after this film achieved his big breakthrough in the Pan Tau (Tau) television series, that popular performer of little rascals Jan Kraus (Sulík) appears. Commander Žižka is played by Ilja Prachař, while the cast also boasts additional renowned actors, Martin Růžek and František Filipovský.
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About a film

film_production_year 1968
film_countries Czechoslovakia
film_genres children, adventure
film_form feature
film_duration 73 min
film_director Milan Vošmik
film_cast Josef Filip, Jan Kraus, František Hanus, Vladimír Ráž, Ilja Prachař, Martin Růžek
film_director_of_photography Jan Novák
film_screenplay J. A. Novotný
film_film_editor Miroslav Hájek
film_production_designer Vladimír Labský
film_art_director Vladimír Dvořák
film_music_composed_by Svatopluk Havelka
film_sound_designer Milan R. Novotný