Playing with the Devil

Josef Mach, 1956

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Writer Jan Drda made a screenplay adaptation of his fairytale play that tells the story of a devil and a woman, Káča, who are eager to marry. Josef Mach, who subsequently directed the feature film given the name Hrátky s čertem (1956), participated in turning the script into the screenplay. The protagonist of the merry narration is jolly ex-soldier Martin Kabát. He ventures into hell to rescue Princess Dišperanda and her maid Káča from the clutches of devils. It turns out that both of the women in seeking marriage have made a pact with the devil to acquire the husbands they long for. Fortunately, benevolent angel Theofil sides with Good against Beelzebub and his horned servants… Josef Bek stars as Martin, Eva Klepáčová as Káča and Alena Vránová portrays Dišperanda. The role of highwayman Sarka Farka is unforgettably delivered by Jaroslav Vojta.
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1956
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres fairytale
Form feature
Duration 96 min
Director Josef Mach
Cast Josef Bek, Eva Klepáčová, Alena Vránová, František Smolík, Jaroslav Vojta, Bohuš Záhorský
Director of photography Jan Stallich
Screenplay Jan Drda, Josef Mach
Editor Josef Dobřichovský
Production designer Karel Škvor, Milan Nejedlý
Artist Josef Lada, Vladimír Dvořák, František Pavlík
Music Jiří Srnka
Sound designer Adolf Böhm