Stick, Stick, Start Beating!

Jaromír Pleskot, 1955



Jaromír Pleskot devoted the lion's share of his professional career to stage direction. Yet he also has a filmography. Alongside popular 1956 girls’ favourite Robinsonka (The Girl Robinson), it features his 1989 biographical work on Karel Čapek Člověk proti zkáze (Man versus Ruin) and this children’s movie adhering to what was considered ideologically sound and entertaining in the Czechoslovakia of 1955. The story’s folk hero is an honest destitute musician who strikes fortune thanks to gifts – a magical handkerchief and a gold-bearing donkey – he is given by an old man with magical powers. However, in order to ward off a thievish innkeeper, he also needs a punishing magic cudgel... Featuring in this adaptation of Kouzelné dary (Magical Gifts), a fairytale by Jaromír Erben, are Ladislav Pešek as the musician and Josef Beyvl as the innkeeper. The conjuring old man seeking social justice is effortlessly performed by the dependable František Smolík.
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About a film

film_production_year 1955
film_countries Czechoslovakia
film_genres fairytale
film_form feature
film_duration 75 min
film_director Jaromír Pleskot
film_cast Ladislav Pešek, Josef Beyvl, František Smolík, Renata Borová, Miroslav Fišák
film_director_of_photography Josef Střecha, Jiří Tarantík
film_screenplay Jiří Brdečka, Jaromír Pleskot
film_film_editor Miroslav Hájek
film_production_designer Alois Mecera
film_art_director František Tröster
film_music_composed_by Jan F. Fischer
film_sound_designer František Fabián