Jan Hus

Otakar Vávra, 1954

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Director Otakar Vávra spent from 1954 to 1956 creating a cycle of three historical costume features (Jan Hus, Jan Žižka, Proti všem [Against Everybody]) based on the literary works of Alois Jirásek. The first title of his “Hussite trilogy” tells the biographical story of the renowned Czech priest burned at the stake as a heretic in Konstanz, Germany, in 1415 after clashing with the Church establishment over his beliefs. The nationalistic narration, conforming to the ideology of its time, depicts Jan Hus as a rioter and revolutionary who ignites the spark of social rebellion among Czech people. The director sets the evil, disdainful King Zikmund (Jan Pivec) against the honest, patriotic-minded Hus and his friends and comrades. Zdeněk Štěpánek takes the leading role in this spectacularly delivered tale; he also portrays Jan Žižka in the final instalment of the trilogy.
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1954
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres drama, historical
Form feature
Duration 125 min
Director Otakar Vávra
Cast Zdeněk Štěpánek, Karel Höger, Jan Pivec, Vlasta Matulová, Ladislav Pešek
Director of photography Václav Hanuš
Screenplay Miloš V. Kratochvíl, Otakar Vávra
Editor Antonín Zelenka
Production designer Karel Škvor
Artist Jiří Trnka, Vladimír Sychra, Jiří Josefík, František Pavlík, Jaroslav Alt
Music Jiří Srnka
Sound designer František Černý