Poacher's Foster Daughter

Martin Frič, 1948

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A complex story full of unbelievable coincidences and fateful meetings, this 1949 film sees impoverished beauty Elén (Hana Vítová) arrive in the decadent big city from a simple rural cottage in search of musical fame. But Elén manages to avoid the pitfalls of such seediness thanks to the selfless love of poor violinist Sedloň (Zdeněk Dítě), and the especially warm and empathic art-loving millionaire René Skalský (Oldřich Nový). This legendary film from director Martin Frič parodies the kitsch bourgeoisie entertainment of the 1930s and the Nazi Protectorate era escapist films of the 1940s (and also trashy literature and schematic genre spectacles of all kinds). But the members of the cast and crew mostly had years of experience in such “serious” entertainment. And so the film exudes affectionate empathy for such “criticised” phenomena. With its precise jokes, this sophisticated and intelligent film continues to enthral viewers with its timeless magic. However, the film was also one of the last to emerge in the pre-communist putsch environment – although its premiere came after the events of February 1948. Consequently, it encountered problems with the freshly installed organs of censorship.
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1948
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres melodrama, parody
Form feature
Duration 109 min
Director Martin Frič
Cast Oldřich Nový, Hana Vítová, Ella Nollová, Otomar Korbelář, Theodor Pištěk
Director of photography Karel Degl
Screenplay Rudolf Jaroš, Milan Noháč, Josef Neuberg, František Vlček
Editor Jan Kohout
Production designer Karel Škvor
Music Julius Kalaš
Sound designer Josef Zora