Stone Table Inn

Josef Gruss, 1948

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This film represents the sole – albeit accomplished – directorial effort of actor and occasional screenwriter Josef Gruss. Adapted by Otakar Vávra from a 1941 comedic novel by Karel Poláček, Hostinec „U kamenného stolu“ (The Stone Table Inn) was made in 1948, but only found its way into cinemas in September 1949 – by which time the recent communist putsch had begun to lead to the censorship of Czechoslovak cinema. The film is set during the easygoing (pre-Nazi occupation) days of the First Republic, taking place in a pub in the fictional spa town of Džbery. A feud between the married owners, Božena and Šimon Tatrmuž, is causing the regular guests a headache. Two brothers who haven’t spoken for years – Tomáš and Spytihněv (played by Rudolf Hrušínský and Svatopluk Beneš), who are nephews of Božena – take charge of the prosperous but now paralysed business.
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1948
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres comedy
Form feature
Duration 99 min
Director Josef Gruss
Cast Saša Rašilov, Jiřina Šejbalová, Svatopluk Beneš, Rudolf Hrušínský, Stanislav Neumann
Director of photography Julius Vegricht
Screenplay Otakar Vávra, Vlastimil Rada
Editor Antonín Zelenka
Production designer Karel Škvor
Music Sláva Eman Nováček
Sound designer Milan R. Novotný