Last of the Mohicans

Vladimír Slavínský, 1947



F. X. Svoboda’s comedy drama was first adapted for film by Martin Frič (Poslední muž [The Last Man]) in 1934, with Hugo Haas starring in the title role. The popular production was then brought to cinemas once again 13 years later under the direction of Vladimír Slavínský. The lead this time was played by Jaroslav Marvan. He depicted both the uptight family tyrant Bořivoj Kohout and his easygoing twin brother Jaroslav. Implored by the suitor of Bořivoj’s daughter, Jaroslav agrees to teach his brother a lesson. Following a conflict in a circus involving big cats and their tamer, Bořivoj ends up in an asylum and the quick-thinking twin can only get him out by swapping places with him. The short-tempered moraliser thus learns at last about the preposterousness of his ideas of family order as well as about how he is perceived by his closest ones… Marvan was joined in this light movie by co-stars including Meda Valentová and Soňa Červená.
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About a film

film_production_year 1947
film_countries Czechoslovakia
film_genres comedy
film_form feature
film_duration 94 min
film_director Vladimír Slavínský
film_cast Jaroslav Marvan, Meda Valentová, Soňa Červená, Dagmar Frýbortová, Jaroslav Mareš, Eman Fiala
film_director_of_photography Josef Střecha
film_screenplay Jaroslav Mottl, Josef Hlaváč
film_film_editor Josef Dobřichovský
film_production_designer Karel Škvor, Miroslav Pelc
film_music_composed_by Miloš Smatek
film_sound_designer Stanislav Vondraš