Karel Steklý, 1946



This social drama from director Karel Steklý represents a rare example from the period of its making of a Czechoslovak film generating waves on the international scene. The motion picture took the Grand International Award at the 1947 Venice Film Festival. The story is inspired by two chapters of an eponymous novel by Marie Majerová (first published in 1935), and is set in the 19th century industrial town of Kladno. Focusing on the working class Hudec family, Siréna (The Strike) chronicles a strike by miners protesting low pay. But the defiant mine owner turns the gendarmerie against the rebels. When metal workers join their mining colleagues, the boss orders a brutal suppression of the strike. Daughter Emča Hudcová, who is accidentally shot during the plundering of the boss’s villa, serves as a symbol of the struggles of the working classes against the exploitations of capitalism.
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About a film

film_production_year 1946
film_countries Czechoslovakia
film_genres drama, social
film_form feature
film_duration 79 min
film_director Karel Steklý
film_cast Ladislav Boháč, Marie Vášová, Oleg Reif, Naděžda Mauerová, Pavla Suchá
film_director_of_photography Jaroslav Tuzar
film_screenplay Karel Steklý
film_film_editor Jan Kohout
film_production_designer Štěpán Kopecký
film_music_composed_by E. F. Burian
film_sound_designer Josef Vlček