Long Live the Dearly Departed

Martin Frič, 1935

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Hugo Haas and Adina Mandlová made five films together between 1933 and 1937. The comedy Ať žije nebožtík (Long Live the Dearly Departed, 1935) is widely viewed as a strong collaboration in this regard. Under the direction of Martin Frič, Haas and Mandlová – partners in both their private and professional lives – play a couple who must battle against various misunderstandings and pitfalls on their road to contentment. Thanks to a mix-up over some X-Rays, chronic carousing man-about-town Petr Suk (majestically portrayed by Haas) believes he has only one day left to live. And so after a night of partying, topped off with a minor car accident, he has no hesitation in marrying hospital nurse Alice (Mandlová). Unfortunately, given his recent shenanigans, Suk is unable to remember her appearance. The marriage is set to bring Alice a large sum of money via the wealthy uncle of her supposedly fatally ill patient. Singer, entertainer and actor Karel Hašler plays the uncle in this much-loved film.
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1935
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres comedy
Form feature
Duration 89 min
Director Martin Frič
Cast Hugo Haas, Adina Mandlová, Karel Hašler, Milada Gampeová, Václav Trégl
Director of photography Jan Stallich
Screenplay Martin Frič, Hugo Haas
Editor Martin Frič
Production designer Štěpán Kopecký
Music Jan Šíma
Sound designer Bedřich Poledník