You Don't Know Hadimrška

Karel Lamač, Martin Frič, 1931

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Vlasta Burian had already appeared successfully in the theatre as the hero of Ernst Bach's comedy. It was therefore logical that he would be chosen for the film version of the story about the comptroller Popelec Hadimrška, particularly when the film was being directed by Karel Lamač and Martin Frič, who were able to cope with the difficulties of a talkie film, which was a technical innovation at the time. In the lead role of a banking official who tries to help Zlatník, the young owner of a record company, get out of debt, the popular comic proved his worth with his usual brand of unrestrained comical ferocity (which works even in the German version of the movie, which was made at the same time)… As Zlatník’s demanding lover, the cabaret singer Mici Angora, the soubrette Meda Valentová also benefited from the possibilities offered by a talkie film. Other roles in the popular movie were taken by actors who regularly helped maintain Burian's high standards – Jaroslav Marvan, Čeněk Šlégl, and Eman Fiala.
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1931
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres comedy
Form feature
Duration 87 min
Director Karel Lamač, Martin Frič
Cast Vlasta Burian, Meda Valentová, Otto Rubík, Jindřich Plachta, Eman Fiala
Director of photography Otto Heller, Jaroslav Blažek
Screenplay Václav Wasserman, Fritz Anders
Editor Marie Bourová
Production designer Vilém Rittershain, Hanuš Gödert, Heinz Fenchel
Music Jára Beneš
Sound designer Helmuth Neumann