Film materials and digital files form the basis of the Národní filmový archiv collection. 

About collection

From the beginning to the present

The oldest films made in our territory date back to 1898, the youngest to last week. The film collection includes not only feature films, but also documentaries, animated movies, family films, experimental films, commercials, short films, amateur films and others. Thousands of film cans and digital files together with film-related documents and metadata make up the Czech film heritage.

Thanks to the care of previous generations, the collection is very complete and most of the films that people could ever see in Czech cinemas have been preserved. We continue to take care of the film materials - we protect them from unsuitable conditions in depositories, regularly check, clean and restore them. We are also engaged in the digitisation of film materials, digital restoration and active distribution, which makes the collection effectively accessible. 

We are constantly expanding the collection. Every Czech film that is shown in the cinemas is included in the collection together with film-related documents and is cared for as part of the Czech film heritage. 

We engage in selective acquisition activities. We also preserve works that have not been released in cinema distribution to pass on comprehensive information about the Czech moving image to future generations. This area covers, for example, experimental, student, amateur films or video art. 

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about films

What films do we care about? All of them!

The collection contains photochemical and digital materials for feature films, short films, amateur films, news films, home movies and experimental films. There are many ways to sort films.

Fiction, documentary, animated movies, home movies, student films...

We take care of feature films, animated movies, documentary, promotional, news and experimental films, as well as feature-length, short, professional, amateur, home movies or student films.

You can get to know parts of the collection through these databases and books: 



Photochemical, analogue and digital

We take care of the Czech film heritage, regardless of whether it was shot photochemically (on film stock), analogue (as in the case of video art) or digitally (as is the case with most films of the last twenty years). We take care of films and digital data in our depositories, we gradually digitize analog media so that they are easily accessible to the general public.


Both domestic and foreign

An integral part of the collection are also foreign films important for the development of Czech cinema. We take care of them, for example, so that we can show them in our Ponrepo cinema, but also for their Czech versions (subtitles or dubbing), which are valuable in themselves. We work closely with all film archives around the world so that our collection can contribute to the preservation and accessibility of the world's film heritage.



The oldest and the youngest

The vaults safely store the oldest film materials of the pioneer of cinema Jan Kříženecký from the end of the nineteenth century, as well as films completed a few months ago. All Czech films shown in cinemas come to us on the basis of the legal deposit so we are also creating a collection for the future.


The oldest preserved films in our territory



Filmový přehled

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