Every Girl Loves a Soldier

Petr Tuček, 1987

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Jiří Langmajer largely started off as a television actor. One of the first of his film screen characters to catch the public's attention was that of main character Lance Corporal Milan Kouba, who featured in this army comedy by director Petr Tuček. Langmajer’s handsome army scout Kouba is a skirt-chaser and a dandy – and it is not surprising that he is a thorn in the side of his dutiful, formal boss Captain Tůma (Karel Roden). Everything, however, changes when Kouba, during an exacting exercise in the field, shows the qualities of a genuine soldier... This is a playful story about the transformation of an unreliable youth into a real man. Released in 1987, it was supposed to improve the public’s image of compulsory military service. The film met the state’s contemporary demand for a current issue of debate and on top of that offered viewers undemanding, relaxing entertainment.
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1987
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres comedy
Form feature
Duration 85 min
Director Petr Tuček
Cast Jiří Langmajer, Karel Roden, Pavel Hejlík, Tomáš Valík, Václav Čížkovský, Ivo Helikar
Director of photography Josef Pávek
Screenplay Pavel Hajný, Petr Tuček
Editor Ivana Kačírková
Production designer Ludvík Široký
Music Petr Hapka
Sound designer Karel Jaroš