...And What Now, Gentlemen?

Karel Kachyňa, 1987

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In his film Kam, pánové, kam jdete? (...And What Now, Gentlemen?, 1987), director Karel Kachyňa attempted to show the contemporary crisis of “real socialism” in the mirror of a typical male midlife crisis, as experienced by the main protagonist, 42-year-old Prague architect Jan Kolvara. Screenwriter Milan Ležák chose the traditional long-distance march from Prague to Prčice as the setting for Kolvara’s internal transformation. The architect sets off on the march armed with city shoes and a steely determination. As his strength wanes he contemplates radical ways to settle scores with his manipulative boss Crha (Oldřich Vlach) and his estranged wife Madla (Soňa Valentová)... Seasoned director Kachyňa chose Karel Heřmánek for the lead role following previous collaborations in photography-themed drama Dobré světlo (A Good Light, 1985) and in an adaptation of Ota Pavel’s novel Smrt krásných srnců (The Death of the Beautiful Deer, 1986). The part of young draughtswoman Eliška, inescapably attracting Kolvara’s attention, was given to Miroslava Pleštilová. Jazz lovers may appreciate the film’s soundtrack which was heavily influenced by Miles Davis.
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1987
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres comedy
Form feature
Duration 84 min
Director Karel Kachyňa
Cast Karel Heřmánek, Soňa Valentová, Miroslava Pleštilová, Zuzana Geislerová, Oldřich Vlach
Director of photography Jan Čuřík
Screenplay Milan Ležák
Editor Jan Chaloupek
Production designer Karel Lier
Music Milan Svoboda
Sound designer Pavel Jelínek, Jiří Zobač